The Resume Factor


Welcome to Sholove International LLC where our goal in is to provide you a cutting-edge platform to “Extend Your Reach!” in your job search.

You are not alone in YOUR search.  You have probably felt alone when you were sure you were the leading candidate, you blew them away, and that you will receive an offer tomorrow.  Yet that offer did not come.

Since every hiring decision is associated with an evaluation of options and risks, we will assist you in becoming a “Better Option” when that selection process is underway.

When applying for a job that you’re qualified for, but you’re not getting the interviews, you can be certain – you need a stronger resume.

Here are three simply steps that can be taken to give your resume “The Factor!”

#1. Key words are critical.

Let’s say there’s a job you want and the posting lists twelve requirements but you do not have all of the qualifications or experience. You can still apply.  Just identify the key qualifications that you do have and showcase them in key words at the start of your resume.

#2. Are you results driven?

Yes, I am. Your resume must communicate this.  It will distinguish you from your competitors.  This is essential in your resume presentations.

Instead of saying you’ve managed ten customer accounts, indicate the annual sales revenue or sales growth which you generated.  If working in other than sales, highlight not just the process improvements you made, but their impact in improving productivity or customer satisfaction.  This gives your resume credibility, clearly illustrates you are results-oriented and separates you from the competition.

#3. Demonstrate leadership.

Great leadership qualities define the people that companies want to hire. We will highlight any projects that you’ve led, any people that you’ve trained, mentored or managed. If you are just starting out and have yet to lead any projects, your leadership experience in professional organizations, sports leagues or community projects are of equal value and we will ensure this is presented in your resume.

Sholove will help you ensure your resume is communicating effectively in these essential areas.