The History Factor


Do you know what your career goal is? If you do, you’re ahead of the game.  Many job-seekers do not have a specific goal and do not realize why it’s important. Focus…you must have a focused resume. A resume that is NOT focused toward a goal will not be effective. It will be a historical document but not the marketing tool that you need to obtain an interview.

Times have changed. Resumes originally presented a record of your prior jobs, education, and training. Resumes today must highlight skills and accomplishments relevant to the job goal so hiring managers can readily identify their candidate.  If you want to appeal to some employers, then broad brush your resume. At Sholove, we will help you tailor your resume to ensure it is focused and you are on the must-interview list.

The majority of us are multi-faceted, multi-talented individuals. This dynamic makes you an excellent match for job opportunities of many types. You don’t have to limit yourselves to one path when in the job market. You can “Extend Your Reach” and pursue multiple paths simultaneously. You cannot do this with one resume; but through tailoring the capabilities profiled to create a second and third resume. Only with a unique resume will you have the opportunity to share the unique qualities and experience that make you the ideal candidate for a specific opportunity.

Please consider this -- you may need to revise your approach to your job search. If you would like to ensure your resume is working as a marketing tool for you, forward your information to us and we will prepare your resume today!