The Career Factor

Making Smarter Career Decisions


It’s easy to think sometimes that successful professionals have been given all the breaks. The fact is they have encountered as many obstacles and roadblocks as anyone else. They stay ahead of the pack and get opportunities, promotions, and pay raises because they are career smart. They make choices and take risks every day after considering the benefit to their career.

Although we sometimes must accept whatever job is offered to us, it’s key that when possible we search for better opportunities internally or externally that inspire you.

Consider the following three strategies to help you “Extend Your Reach” and attain a career that fills you with purpose, meaning, and passion!

#1. Seek a career where you will thrive!

It’s impossible to thrive in a career if you’re not passionate about the work.  You will not be performing at your best and others will notice.  You need to working at that which invigorates and challenges you!!

What are the primary tasks that you would enjoy doing?  Define the few key tasks that would part of your ideal career.  Once defined, use this as a guide in your career pursuits.

#2. Send the “Right” message:

Everything word you speak, every action you take is a message to others.   You must ensure that your message communicates the value you consistently deliver to an employer or customer.  From team leader, communicator to problem solver, together, your distinct skills define your value and define you as unique.  Consistently communicating the right message to others, one of value, will separate you from the crowd in every setting.  

#3. Are you open to possibilities?

Are you really open to new possibilities when it comes to your career?  Pause and seriously consider each ‘possibility’ that comes along.  Before rejecting a new opportunity, get an assessment from those in your inner circle.  They may have a different perspective worth considering.  Be assertive, and aggressively seek out new career opportunities.  Consider the possibilities to grow, learn new skills or strengthen your current skills.  Remember, goals are important, but, “If you want to make God laugh – tell Him your plans!”  It is essential to keep an open mind with regard to your career path. 

Upload your information to Sholove today and “Extend Your Reach!”

Tips To Consider When Selecting a Resume Service to Prepare a High Impact Resume


As the most important marketing piece of collateral that you can have created, the primary purpose of your resume is to attract potential hiring managers and recruiters to buy your brand - YOU.  Sholove will ensure your marketing brochure establishes YOU as the best candidate for the job.  Your brochure will market you with strong content, visual appeal and most importantly, clearly communicate your value.

1. We will assist in defining your brand - “The YOU Factor”.

Reflect and consider the qualities that make you unique.  Sholove will carefully combine these key qualities with your top selling points to define you and give hiring managers every reason to want to meet with you.

2. Your headline will be powerful.

Once you’ve created your short list of your top selling points, Sholove will create a strong opening for your resume, instead of launching your resume with career history.  A powerful branding statement that defines you will headline your resume.

3. Your top selling points will be featured.

The goal is to create the best quality marketing document which includes a short list of your key areas of expertise. Let’s make it easy for the buyers, prospective employers, to get a quick look at your selling points.  Most importantly, the same short list’s key words will serve to trigger your resume when prospective employers are conducting electronic searches for candidates.

4. Your value will be communicated by your past results.

Results always define achievements.  When creating your resume, consider how your efforts impacted a project or initiative to drive results, such as increased productivity or sales.  Some details regarding past achievements are required to illustrate results.  With these details, we will ensure your achievements are clearly communicated.

5.  Sholove will prepare your resume using attractive layout and design.

We will utilize boxes, shading, lines, and special characters to add a unique look to your resume that will garner more attention. Sometimes color is also useful for drawing interest.