The Bio Factor


Another way to showcase your career information is to prepare a professional biography or “bio”. The professional bio is a summary you may find useful in networking.  Bios have been growing in importance in this job market – and will is a great tool to have ready in your career marketing portfolio. With this single-page 30,000 ft summation of you, you can “Extend Your Reach”.

The goal with the bio is to provide an overview of your professional accomplishments and emphasize unique traits that set you apart while building your relationship. Consider preparing a bio as it may be a key differentiator in your career networking.   Here are some tips:

#1 Speak in the third person.

“Stan Jones is a highly regarded human resources management professional”.  Once you’ve mentioned your full name, use only your first name throughout the remainder of the document. For a more formal bio, use your last name.

#2. Address your most impressive career achievements.

The objective is to highlight current and past career successes, so include awards, promotions and any other key achievements which illustrate this.  Include the some information regarding the type and size of customers you have worked with.  If possible, use client names.

#3. Define your personal brand.

Highlight your key qualities and any exclusive skills.  If you have patented a product, authored a publication, conducted professional training or provided formal presentations to large audiences, incorporate this in your bio. 

#4. Include a top-level summary of your education and other credentials. It is appropriate to include volunteer activities and professional memberships.

#5. Provide accurate contact information.

If you provide an incorrect email address or phone number, you could easily be missed or more importantly…shuffled to the back of the pack. This is a critical step; double-check prior to your submittal. Finally you may want to incorporate a small professional photo. 

A single-page bio can supplement your resume.  Use the bio as an additional opportunity when networking and put your brand in front of key contacts and ultimately decision-makers.