Keep Your Current Job Factor


Yes, we at Sholove have an understanding that some who visit this site are merely searching with no real intention of making a career or job change. Perhaps there’s an opportunity within your current organization for upward mobility, or laterally for a more suitable opportunity, or perhaps you just want to stay abreast of “what’s out there”.

If you’ve noticed the changes in the world today, the recent economy has directly impacted the marketing industry and may have had an effect on your current position, your budget, your staff size and the goals of your organization. I agree with you, now it’s getting personal!

Because of the Great Recession that began in 2008, there is a ‘New Normal’ throughout the American workplace. Instead of the “Jobless” recovery we experienced after 9/11, work trend experts see the current recovery as a “less job” recovery. Instead of a reduction in the workforce, the economic downturn created a reduction in structure, which means we will not see recovery of the same budgets or payroll levels from pre-2008.

To sustain any momentum toward success you have achieved so far, think of your career like your body. It takes regular exercise just to maintain your current level of fitness. Think about these ideas for a better level of career fitness looking forward… Think of “Extending Your Reach!”

  • Think of yourself as:  A Business of One

Even with your current employer, your value will increase if you approach every encounter – whether with a client or supervisor - as a sales call.  Remember you are selling yourself every day in every setting!

An unpleasant sales approach, pushing your product (you) down a potential customer’s throat, will not help; however an educated approach – asking questions, finding out what they expect and want and unassumingly inform them of why you do what you do – will help them learn about your expertise and value.  For professionals today, a focus on the overall business goals and attention to the bottom line of the overall organization will help you develop your business - your career.

  • Learn the value of Networking

Networking today is not just for finding a new job.  Networking is about building up informal professional relationships continuously to have available when required in the future.  When networking, you must communicate and offer use of your strengths.  Supporting other professionals on a community improvement projects, for example, will Extend Your Reach!

The time to Extend Your Reach is now.  Use every opportunity available to extend your personal brand.  Make new contacts and develop those relationships.  It’s an investment in your future… Extend Your Reach!  Sholove will help you.