Employment Training Services

As you engage in forward thinking leading to your next opportunity, it’s important that you understand the process. Getting a job is not a simple task that you can do a step, check it off, and begin your new journey. Getting a job is a process! With Sholove Employment Training Services, you will be the best trained and most highly prepared applicant separating you by your ability to articulate the following:

  • Who you are, what problems you can solve for an employer
  • Establishing a solid resume articulating your value as an individual
  • Your willingness to engage in the process that is required to attain the interview, then the offer
  • Uncovering opportunities that enhance your percentage of success 
  • The ability to shave the boss (you) each morning in preparation of a powerfully productive day


Sholove Employment Services Training WILL give you the absolute best opportunity for success, making this training package the most powerful investment into a new future for you and your family. Let’s begin the process with:

  • Day one: The first of 3 webinars that will uncover your gifts to an employer on how you will solve business problems in a 1 hour and 15 minute session. 
    • Uncovering who you are and what you have to offer
    • Resume preparation and content management
    • Industry design and flow
    • Cover Letter Preparation
  • Day Two: Your choice of background content to support resume and interview development, leading to an increased winning percentage of getting an interview.
    • Veterans
    • Moms
    • With Degree
    • Non-Degree
    • Technology
  • Day Three: Preparation for close
    • Interview
    • Pitch
    • Offer/Salary Negotiation
    • Follow up



Corporate – Online $579, In-person $999 Full 4 Hour package with 2 additional 1-hour group breakout sessions. (Maximum of 20 people for corporate online meeting sessions.)

Three one hour and 15 minute sessions - $249 Total Package delivered Tuesday - Thursday

Custom Individual Modules: $99 – you select the 3 most important subjects that pertain to you, we will get it completed!


Corporate Online - $579

Corporate In-Person - $999


Individual 3 Day - $249

Individual Single - $99


For questions specific to Employment Training Services email resumes@sholove.com